A Bird in His Hand: Poems for Avatar Meher Baba by Paul Smith

By Paul Smith

1967 – 2007… by way of Paul Smith
On a boat leaving Bombay for Italy in 1965 the writer met a guy who had simply met the Indian born excellent non secular grasp of Iranian descent Meher Baba, (Merwan S. Irani). After a yr investigating his existence and educating he authorized him as his non secular grasp in 1966, and from his books heard of the Persian poet of ghazals, Hafiz of Shiraz, whom many believed (including Meher Baba) used to be the best poet that ever lived yet had now not been correctly translated into English. whereas engaged on translating the poetry of Hafiz, Kabir, Sadi and lots of different grasp Poets for the previous 40 years he has persisted to compose his personal poems and this booklet is a compilation of so much of these (except for Compassionate Rose and Pune: town of God) which are devoted to his non secular grasp, Meher Baba.

Paul Smith (Born 1945) has been translating and writing books and film-scripts and performs for the prior forty five years. His Divan of Hafiz is recognized because the closest and most pretty translation. His different books comprise… Hafiz: The Oracle, Hafiz of Shiraz (3 volumes), Ruba’iyat of Hafiz, seven-hundred Sayings of Kabir, Ruba’iyat of Sadi, Ruba’iyat of Rumi, Rumi: chosen Poems, Divan of Sadi, Nizami: Layla and Majnun, Nizami: Treasury of the Mysteries, Obeyd Zakani: The Dervish Joker, Obeyd Zakani’s Mouse & Cat, Hafiz’s pal: Jahan Khatun, Piercing Pearls: the full Anthology of Persian Poetry (2 vols.), Princesses, Sufis, Dervishes, Martyrs and Feminists: Seven nice ladies Poets of the East, Makhfi: The Princess Sufi Poet Zeb-un-Nissa,The Sufi Ruba’iyat: An Anthology, The Sufi Ghazal: An Anthology, The Ruba’iyat: a global Anthology, The Ghazal: a global Anthology, The Divine Wine: A Treasury of Sufi & Dervish Poetry (2 vols.), The Masnavi: a global Anthology, cohesion in variety: Anthology of Sufi Poets of Indian Sub-Continent, Tongues on hearth: Anthology of the Poets of Afghanistan, Wine, Blood & Roses: Anthology of Turkish Poets, Love’s ache & Bliss: Anthology of Urdu Poetry, Hearts With Wings: Anthology of Persian Sufi & Dervish Poetry, Breezes of fact: chosen Arabic Sufi Poetry, Ibn al-Farid: Wine & The Mystic’s growth, Anthology of Classical Arabic Poetry, The Qit’a: Anthology of the ‘Fragment’ in Arabic, Persian & jap Poetry, Ruba’iyat of Ma’arri, The Qasida: an international Anthology, Huma: chosen Poetry of Meher Baba, Ruba’iyat of Abu Sa’id, The Poets of Shiraz,Ruba’iyat of Mahsati, Ruba’iyat of Khayyam, Ruba’iyat of Sana’i, Ruba’iyat of Jahan Khatun, Ruba’iyat of ‘Attar, ‘Attar: chosen Poetry, Ruba’iyat of Jami, Ruba’iyat of Kamal ad-din, Ruba’iyat of Auhad ud-din, Yunus Emre… Turkish Dervish: chosen Poems, Ruba’iyat of Sarmad, Hafiz: The gruesome Little Boy who grew to become an exceptional Poet, The Healer and the Emperor, the 1st secret, The grasp, the inspiration & the Poet: An Autobiography in Poetry, the best video game, Pan of the Never-Never, Pune: town of God, Compassionate Rose, and others.

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